All-In-One Drain Kit for Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Easy To Install
No need to measure and cut separate pieces of pipe.
Flexible Design
Adapts to sinks of different depths and in tight under sink areas.
Smooth Interior Won’t Clog
The flexible hose has a smooth interior, eliminating build up and odors.
No Leaks
Hand tight connections and better quality seals.
Saves Space
Easily accomodates to save valuable space under the sink.

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Vertical Clearance Required

Measure from bottom of the sink strainer to the center of the wall drainpipe, the minimum required clearance required is 4". If the bowls have different depths, measure from the deeper bowl.

For installations including a waste disposal, it is important that the disposal outlet be at least 2" above the wall drainpipe to prevent standing water in the disposal. This is recommended in all types of kitchen sink plumbing installations, not just those with limited vertical clearance. 

For installation with less than 4“:

Additional Tips:

In particularly cold room temperatures, it is helpful to soak the flexible hose connector in hot tap water for 1 minute. This will increase the flexibility of the hoses.

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