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About SnappyTrap

All Snappy Trap products are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship and replacement will be at no cost to the buyer.


Snappy Trap comes in an all-in-one, pre-assembled kit. This reduces the amount of time and effort needed for installation, unlike traditional wastewater drainage systems, which are made from rigid pipe that have to be cut to size.

SnappyTrap’s specially designed smooth interior stays clean and clear, allowing for faster flow, and reducing the occurrence of a clogged drain. Corrugated P-traps often cause food and other debris to accumulate.

SnappyTrap is made with durable, temperature-resistant PVC. It fits virtually every sink — including single and double sinks — and is compatible with both left and right side garbage disposals. The flexible hoses allow a range of adjustment to almost any angle and its unique design saves space under the sink.

Snappy Trap is certified by ASSE and IAPMO® to meet plumbing code requirements in the United States and Canada. US Patent # 8,621,683; # 9,932,727; #D753,270; Other patents pending. 

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