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Can the Snappy Trap™ be installed to a floor drain?

Yes, it can. Depending on the preparation of the floor drain pipe, additional components may be needed. For a bare drain pipe coming from the floor, a 90 degree elbow with a marvel adapter will need to be installed to the drain pipe first.


Where can I buy a Snappy Trap™?

In the United States, Snappy Trap is available at all Home Depot stores and online at, and

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What is the length of the Snappy Trap™ hoses?

Double kitchen sinks drain kit, hose length: 13". Single kitchen sinks drain kit, hose length: 9". All bathroom sinks drain kit, hose length: 9"

How resistant is Snappy Trap™ to high temperature?

It's safe to pour liquids down the drain up to boiling point (212° F / 100° C).

What is the difference between Traditional plastic tubular parts and the Snappy Trap™?

Traditional plastic tubular parts need to be measured, cut and in some cases cemented or glued together. The Snappy Trap™ comes pre-assembled and can be installed manually with basic or even no tools.

How Flexible are the Snappy Trap™ Hoses?

The Snappy Trap™ hoses are flexible enough to adapt to most spaces under the sink. However, they are not like an accordion or corrugated hoses. The material (Flexible PVC) is sturdy and is meant to withstand years of daily use. Also, although corrugated hoses are completely flexible, they clog easily, cause bad odors, and do not meet plumbing code standards.

Does Snappy Trap™ meet plumbing code standards?

Yes, Snappy Trap model numbers DK-110 and DK-100 are certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) to meet the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC). The UPC certification is valid in all US 50 states and Canada. Model numbers DK-110 and DK-100 comply with IGC 301. Model numbers DK-105 and DK-120 are listed with IAPMO to meet the criteria of IGC 328.

Can the length of the Snappy Trap™ Hoses be cut?

Yes. In most cases, it will not be necessary to cut the hoses. We recommend following all the steps mentioned in the instruction manuals and the tips mentioned in the videos before cutting the hoses. 

If the hoses need to be cut, follow the steps in these videos:

How to cut the length of the hose of the Snappy Trap for all bathroom sinks

How to cut the length of the Snappy Trap hoses

I have very limited space under my kitchen sink, will the Snappy Trap™ work for me?

We recommend having at least 4" of available vertical distance from the sink drain to the wall drain pipe to install the Snappy Trap. Please follow the instructions on how to measure on each product detail page. For double sink installations with less than 4" of vertical clearance, the Snappy Trap Special Kit for Limited Vertical Distances may be used. (This kit does require 1" of minimum vertical clearance.)

The drainpipe entering the wall below my kitchen sink is not centered, will I be able to install the Snappy Trap™?

Yes. The Snappy Trap adapts to drainpipes that are positioned 10"-12" from the center of.


Does food Or waste get stuck In the Snappy Trap™ hoses causing clogs or bad odors?

No, the smooth interior is a proprietary feature of the Snappy Trap. Food and waste do not clog the interior.

Does the Y fitting in the kit for double kitchen sinks have a diverter on the inside?

Yes, the "Y" fitting includes a diverter.

Can I re-use the Snappy Trap?

We do not recommend re-using and/or re-installing the Snappy Trap. This product contains plasticizers allowing it to be flexible.  After a certain length of time, such plasticizers migrate causing the Snappy Trap hose to lose its flexibility making it stiff and unbendable. If removed, please do not attempt to bend and/or flex as it may crack and/or break. 

What should I do if I need help during installation?

Please visit our support page for special videos, these were made to address the most common installation issues. If you still have questions, please email us or call us Mon-Fri 8:30 AM- 6:00 PM CST at (832) 900-9117. 

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