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All Snappy Trap products are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship and replacement will be at no cost to the buyer.

The 5 year warranty covers each product against manufacturing defects from the date indicated on the bill of sale until the date stated by the warranty time period.

To validate any warranty, the consumer must submit the product to the place of purchase with the sales receipt or send it postage paid to our address.

The Snappy Trap hose is designed and intended as a one-time installation product. The Snappy Trap hose contains plasticizers which allows it to be flexible. After a certain length of time, such plasticizers may migrate causing the Snappy Trap hose to lose its flexibility making it stiff and unbendable. If removed please do not attempt to bend and/or flex as it may crack and/or break. For any further questions and/or concerns please contact us.

Coflex is not responsible for damage caused when the product has been improperly installed or if given a use other than that for which it was designed as stated in the product packaging and installation manual.

CFX Plumbing, 700 N St Mary's Street, Suite 1400. San Antonio TX, 78205. United States of America.


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