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Solution for Triple Kitchen Sinks

Installing drain plumbing for a Triple Kitchen Sink

Although there is not a kit specifically designed for triple kitchen sinks, one can be installed easily with two Snappy Trap draink kits.

What is needed:

  • (1) Snappy Trap Drain Kit for Double Kitchen Sinks

  • (1) Snappy Trap Drain Kit for Single Kitchen Sinks, Bar Sinks or Laundry Sinks

  • (1) 1 1/2" PCV or ABS Wye Fitting 

  • (2) 1 1/2" Marvel Adapter or Flexible Couplings

  • (2) Pieces of PVC pipe

  • PVC cement glue

  1. Cement the 1 1/2" Wye Fitting to the drain pipe coming from the wall.

  2. Take the two 3"-4" long pieces of pipe and cement them to the two hub outlets on the wye fitting.

  3. When the Wye fitting and pieces of PVC pipe have dried, take the two flexible wall drain couplings included in the Snappy Trap drain kits, one from each kit, and insert them on the PVC pipes. Or two 1 1/2" marvel adapters. (See image below)


Install the Snappy Trap Drain kit for Double Kitchen Sinks following the instructions included in the kit, and finalize by installing the Snappy Trap Drain Kit for Single Kitchen Sinks to the remaining single bowl.

For other installation questions not addressed in the installation manual or any of the videos in our Support section, or in our FAQ's section, please write to us at To expedite the assessment, please include a picture of your installation. We will reply to all inquiries within one business day. 

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